Several towns along the Palouse Scenic Byway are participating in a Geocaching project. Latah would like to be part of this adventure!

What is a Geocache?


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. It uses GPS to find a hidden container, the “cache”. The cache contains a logbook for finders to record their names. It may also contain small items that people can look at or even items that can be swapped 

What will Latah’s Geocache be like?

Latah plans to have a cache related to the Latah Mammoth. Our site should help educate visitors about the mammoth and the unique geography that preserved the mammoth bones in this area.

How do I participate?

Since we are starting from scratch, we need all of the basics:     

  • An airtight and watertight container, small enough to hide.
  • Any small artifacts, toys, or other items that could be placed in our cache. We can ask that these items not be removed, or we can provide them for trading/swapping with finders. We will report what is swapped in the town newsletter
  • Ideas on where the geocache could be hidden in or near Latah. 
  • Please contact us if you have items and/or ideas!

​How to go Geocaching

  1. Acquire a GPS receiver (some Garmin models have this feature) or a Smart Phone application for geocaching.
  2. Create an account with a caching website (which you can find with a Google search). 
  3. Use the search feature on your caching website to find caches near you. Remember that these caches are hidden everywhere across the world.
  4. Choose a cache of interest to you. Look for hints on your caching website. Be sure to check the difficulty rating.  
  5. Create a “waypoint” on your GPS unit for the cache, using the latitude and longitude coordinates from the cache’s webpage.  
  6. Bring a small item for trading at the cache – something you are willing to give away but that might be of interest or value to another person.
  7. Use your GPS unit navigate function to produce an arrow on the screen pointing you to your “waypoint” and use the arrow to make your way to the cache.
  8. Take note of exactly how the cache is hidden.
  9. Open the cache. Trade if you brought something to swap. Sign your name in the logbook, including the date as well as your cache site username.
  10. Close the cache securely and re-hide it in exactly the same spot as you found it. 
  11. Report your finding on your cache website.

Latah Geocache Coming Spring 2015

Latah, Washington

Latah's Geocache