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In May 1876, Benjamin Coplen, who had a homestead just outside of Latah, Washington 

(about 40 miles from Spokane),found what seemed to be a gigantic bone in the peat-covered water of a bog on his farm. His curiosity aroused, Coplen and his brothers began poking into the bog with long sticks. They located a vertebra of similarly large scale, and a shoulder blade. The bog was quickly drained, and an enormous quantity of bones were discovered, later determined to be those of a Columbian mammoth. The original mammoth skeleton was eventually delivered to the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History where it resides as a featured exhibit in their exhibit "Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age" exhibit. 

The Latah Mammoth

Latah, Washington

Learn more about the Mammoth Project

The Latah community is  working toward getting a full-sized replica of a mammoth for our town park; we are in the process of seeking bids for the sculpture. One of our current bids is from world-renown artist Jud Turner (shown on the right). So far bids range from approximately $45,000 to $150,000 for a full-size steel weather-resistant (and safe) sculpture. We really need donations, as we would like to avoid the complications and control associated with government grants. If you can help, please contact us! Your donations are tax deductible and full credit for them will be given. 

  Visit the Chicago Field Museum website
                  Visit their Mammoth page: Titans of the Ice Age